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This Site is affiliated with Publisher First, Inc. dba Freestar ("Freestar") for the purposes of placing certain advertising on the Site, and Freestar will collect and use certain data for advertising purposes. To learn more about Freestar's data usage, click here.

Your privacy matters to you, and also to us. Our website is quite simple, but it has some social, statistical and advertising features to make it a sustainable site with a better user experience for our visitors.

In the following page we explain what type of data processing these features represent. In case you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to resolve it and enlarge this section.

Currently, the laws and directives of the European Union require websites to inform their users about cookie usage and other forms of local data storage. At the same time, European laws require the final user consent for this treatment and storage of personal data.

To this extent, our page informs you about our cookie policy from the first visit you will perform, through a information bar presented in the lower part of the screen, in which the user has the opportunity to read our policy and accept it.

However, cookie usage is active from the very beginning of your visit in order to improve your user experience. Should you reject our policy, you can always delete your cookies and remove your consent for generating new cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that a website uses in order to save, in your computer, phone or any other device, a piece of information about your navigation within that website.

Cookies are mainly used to analyze navigation trends and receive usage statistics, but also to make navigation easier and do it more efficient for the user. For instance, if you visit us for a second time, your preferences will be saved so our site shows you relevant information for you.

For that reason, the main aim is to improve your user experience in our website, both in a concrete way -recording your preferences, letting you log in, etc.- and a general one, since it let's us analyze your paths and behaviour in order to improve our website.

We can consider two different types of cookies depending on its origin: session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are designed to identify an specific user navigating through several sections of our site during a single visit, for example to collect which path or steps is/are the user following during the visit. Once the user exits the site or closes the web browser, this cookie disappears.

Persistent cookies, on the other hand, remain stored in your device and can be consulted for a larger time (usually weeks), for example to remember you as a registered user without having to log in again.

In case you log in with your account, we will generate a cookie for you that will be specifically used in our site to remember your started session. In this case, it is a cookie created and managed by our site, that will expire within hours or days, unless you log out explicitly.

On the other hand, regardless you log in or not, your device also receives cookies created and managed by third parties, in particular our partner Google and its platforms Google Analytics and Google AdSense.

For more information, visit Google's privacy policy, Google Analytics terms of cookies use and DoubleClick and AdSense's cookie policy.

In addition to the removal of your current cookies, you can block the creation of new cookies. In order to do it, you can configure your web browser settings to block certain cookies or to reject the third-party cookies that we are using in our site. To this extent, we refer you to the opt-out of Google Analytics and the opt-out of AdSense and DoubleClick.

In the case of our own cookies, and according to the previous explanations, our website only creates a cookie in case you log in with your account. To avoid its creation, you can just avoid logging in or creating and account and using our site as a guest.

To this extent, we inform you that blocking cookies, either from our site or third-parties', may result in the impossibility of accessing several parts of our website, as well as a less efficient navigation or a non-customized user experience.

When you enter in any of our pages, we can know many things about you: which page are you visiting, approximate location, Internet service provider, device language, screen resolution, operating system, how you arrived...

All these data are collected only for statistical reason and are managed by our partner Google, through its web analytics service Google Analytics, the most used service for websites, and therefore its privacy policy is also an extension of this one.

At the same time, our advertising spaces are managed by the Google AdSense platform, so that any advertisement visualization is also subject to the Google's privacy terms. In this case, Google directly selects the advertisement, so we do not have any access to your information about browser history and/or interests or preferences through this platform.

In some concrete cases, Google does give us demographic data such as gender, age or interests of our visitors through the Google Analytics platform, but always in general terms and anonymously. For more information, please visit Google's privacy policy and its data usage policy via partners.

In general, for a basic navigation we do not use any cookies, unless you log in with your account, for which they are necessary to manage your access. At the same time, it is possible that our partner Google may do it in order to generate statistics for us and/or present you more relevant advertisements.

In the moment you generate a customized font from our font catalogue or any of the available categories, our server manages the process and collects your preferences: the text itself, its color and the font size.

All this information is collected anonymously all the time, if you have logged in or not. Preferences about size and color are deleted immediately after generating the image, while the converted text is collected anonymously for statistical reasons.

On one hand, the existence of a certain text lets us know how many people arrive at the last step of the font generating process. On the other hand, text lengths lets us adapt the image generation process and the user interface in order to improve your user experience and detect user trends.

All the content of the used texts is not processed in any way, not even for statistical reasons, and it is not shared with our partners either, under any circumstance.

To display advertisements individually tailored to your interests and preferences on our website, we use solutions developed by Yieldbird Sp. z o.o., with registered office at Czerska 8/10 in Warsaw (00-732). Yieldbird is a joint controller of personal data processed to this end. The substantial part of the arrangements setting out the respective scopes of joint controllers’ duties, including the principles for the exercise of the website users’ rights, together with the list of recipients to whom their data is disclosed in connection with the display of behavioral advertising, is available at this link.

In relation to personal data processing, from the first moment you are subject to this privacy policy and invited to read it and accept it. In case you do not accept this policy, you should avoid giving away any personal information through any of our sections. Following this process, you will avoid us to store and process any of your data.

Nevertheless, our website allows a basic usage of it without sharing any personal information. In the previous sections you will find which tools or sections do not collect this type of information.

On the other hand, in order to know more about how to control the information you send to our partner Google and its clients, we recommend you reading the data usage policy via Google's partners and additional information from the Google Safety Center.


Given the residence of its owner in the Kingdom of Spain, this website is subject to the jurisdiction of laws and courts of Spain. To this extent, according to the 15/1999 Organic Law of Personal Data Protection, of December 13, the user is able to exercise his/her rights of accessing, modifying and cancelling his/her personal data. In order to do it, he/she will have to communicate it to the website's owner, including a copy of a personal identification document, his/her concrete petition -with date and signature- and his/her address for notifications related to the given matter. You may address the website's owner, José Andrés Ballester Huesca, through the postal address Alt Camp, 3D, 43893 Altafulla (Tarragona), Spain, or through an electronic mail address, available at the contact page.

This website can perform any type of change in this policy with immediate validity. On the other hand, the user is able to access this policy in all moment through this same page. In case of the existence of a discrepancy between translated versions, the version that will prevail over any other will be the one published in Spanish and available in our Spanish website. The current version of this privacy policy was updated for the last time on August 30, 2018.